Nightingales Trust – Bagchi Centre for Active Ageing

The Nightingales Trust - Bagchi Centre for Active Ageing (NBCAA) is India’s first comprehensive Active Ageing facility initiated with the sole aim to promote a healthy lifestyle in elders in a safe, friendly and fun-filled environment. With scientifically designed programs, this centre is assisted by Mrs Susmita and Mr Subroto Bagchi.


NBCAA offers wide range of activities including physical, cognitive and social activities. All members are assessed initially – the assessment decides the type of activities they can do and helps track their improvement. These tests are repeated every three months to follow up and check on the improvement in the members in a scientific manner. 

Benefits of this Active Ageing program include significant decrease in blood glucose level, stabilized blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and considerable improvement in cognitive skills. Overall, members have reported significant improvement in their quality of life and reduction in various cardiovascular risk factors.

Long term participation in these activities is expected to bring a lifestyle change, enhance the sense of well-being, decrease the risk of dementia and promote a better quality of life.


Services offered at the centre:

1. Active ageing programs - 2 hours of physical, cognitive and social activities every alternative day

  • Physical activities include gym and yoga
  • Cognitive activities both iPad and paper pencil based
  • Social group based activities
  • Social gatherings and celebrations
  • Library
  • Talks by experts
  • Counselling


2. Day care services – for elders including those with Parkinson’s and dementia

  • Memory screening
  • Day care – with nutritious mid-day meals and snacks
  • Therapeutic intervention - orientation therapy, occupational therapy, yoga, intensive physical exercises, cognitive activities and social activities
  • Physiotherapy – special attention to Persons with Parkinson’s
  • Support to family caregivers – through monthly support group meetings
  • Transport facilities – pick up and drop