Nightingales Dementia Day care

Being a full time caregiver can be tough. Nightingales Dementia Day Care Centres are set up to provide the much needed respite for caregivers and also to ensure that persons with dementia (PwD) are taken care of in a stimulating social environment.

At the day care centres, the PwDs are assessed initially and based on the assessment, care plans are designed. All activities of the centres are overseen by dementia experts.

An ideal day at the centre has a set of therapeutic activities that are planned, designed and reviewed periodically by the care team, family carer and the PwD. Full day and half day programs are offered – these include orientation therapy, physical exercises, social activities, cognitive rehabilitation and stimulation activities like memory games, reminiscence therapy and sensory stimulation activities like pet/doll therapy, gardening, music and dance therapy.

Nightingales Dementia Day Care Centres spread across Bangalore city cater to over 50 PwD every day. To further reduce the burden on the family caregivers, transport with pick up and dropping facilities are also made available.


Services offered:

  • Memory screening
  • Day care – with nutritious mid - day meals and snacks
  • Therapeutic intervention - orientation therapy, occupational therapy, yoga, intensive physical exercises, cognitive activities and social activities
  • Personal care and grooming services – like bathing, shaving and pedicure
  • Support to family caregivers – through monthly support group meetings
  • Transport facilities – pick up and drop
  • Regular outings and social gatherings – to help them remain productive in the community