Enhancing the quality of life of underprivileged elders

There was a time when nuclear families raised a lot of doubt and questions in the society but with more and more people opting for this way of living their life, it’s the elders of the family getting affected the most. They are either bound by obligation to take care of the grandchildren or forcefully adjust themselves to the life and demands of the children. Hence, old age homes turn out to be a feasible option for the ageing. However, if ill-maintained this last resort can also turn out to be a bane for the seniors rather than being a boon.

Old age homes can be broadly categorized into two: Those that are run by the government and can usually be availed free of cost or those that are run privately and can be availed upon payment of designated fees. Unfortunately, government run old age homes are infamous for lack of resources, staff, funds etc. All these parameters lead to decrease in the quality of life provided to the seniors here, leaving them without proper shelter, basic facilities, zero physical/ mental activity plan and a life of loneliness and poverty. NMT aims to help and adopt such old age homes by conducting periodical visits, providing basic medical services and provision for an Active Ageing program for the elderly.

The problems of elderly in rural areas are not very different from the urban population. With rapid urbanization, children are moving to the city leaving their old parents back in their villages. Most of these villages are remote and don’t have basic medical facilities. The elderly in these villages face problems such as social isolation, economic insecurity and medical issues. NMT’s other objective is to set up comprehensive centres in Doddabalapur /Hoskote villages in Karnataka. These centres will provide for basic medical care, vocational training & income generation.