Free Active Ageing Workshop for Seniors Citizens at JP Nagar

The Nightingales Trust - Bagchi Centre for Active Ageing, an unit of Nightingales Medical Trust organized a Free Active Ageing Workshop at the JP Nagar Cultural Association, 2nd Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore, on Saturday, 20 May 2017 from 10:00 am to 2:00 PM

The well-being of elders relies on staying active in their sunset years of life. In recent years, several studies reveal that mental stimulation, social engagement and physical activities have a beneficial effect on dementia and other age related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiac problems and orthopedic issues. These activities have been associated with several outcomes like mortality, cognition, morbidity and general well-being of Senior Citizens.

The activity based workshop that was attended by 97 senior citizens included physical, social, cognitive sessions. Physical activity sessions included chair based exercise, kick-boxing, swiss ball exercises, stepper and bands, demonstrated by physiotherapists. Following the physical activity session, participants were given an hour of cognitive activities which included memory, sustained attention, language, speed of processing and coordination.

After the workshop interested elders were registered for the Active Ageing program and other allied services of NMT.