Leadership School for Age Care

India – a land of diversity also faces diverse and complex challenges related to age care. And therefore, effective models of care systems are required to meet physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs of the elderly so that they can live independently.

There is a growing demand for age care market and therefore, organizations providing such services need to be more professional, flexible, responsive and efficient. For this, India needs specially trained leadership to efficiently support organizations providing age care services and also help start and run such organizations. To achieve this, we need service oriented, committed young leaders with entrepreneurial skills who can think differently and innovatively and actively get involved in age care. Hence, a Training Institute to train and empower leaders in the age care field is the need of the hour.

Responding to this need, Nightingales Medical Trust has established different age care projects and is proposing to set up an Institute for Leadership in age care.

There are various challenges faced by age care providers and there is close to nil knowledge on leadership in age care communities, particularly, leadership for change. Developing leaders and establishing leadership behaviour within an organization is a key indicator of the success in any organization. Age care organizations should be targeting young professionals to sit on their community boards and take part in the strategic planning process for the age care industry.

The effectiveness of a leadership program in age care has to be studied to improve work environment, workforce retention, as well as care safety and quality, which have not been previously researched in the age care sector. Emerging and experienced leaders need to be mentored, trained and given opportunities in order to develop passion towards age care. This can be best delivered via social learning, on-demand learning and career learning.