It is common to seek medical attention for physical discomforts. However, very little attention is given to mental problems. People hesitate in seeking help from psychiatric clinics and mental health institutions due to the fear and stigma attached to mental illnesses. Problems such as memory loss are ignored as a sign of increasing age and help is sought only when the condition has reached a more advanced stage.

Hence, to identify memory loss at an early stage, people should be encouraged to undergo screening and this service needs to be made available in a non-threatening atmosphere, in the comfort of their community set up.



The mobile memory screening service was conceptualized to provide awareness and screening services for people in their community settings, at their doorstep. The objective of this screening unit is to encourage elders to take up memory screening without hesitation or discomfort of commuting to a health centre to do so. This will help them in detecting if signs of dementia persist and if so, getting the required help and assistance.