Sandhya Suraksha:Bangalore’s first destitute home exclusively for elderly women inaugurated

On Tuesday, November 20th 2018,more than 200 people gathered at Anepalya to inaugurate Bangalore’s first destitute home exclusively for elderly women, Sandhya Suraksha. A joint project of BRC, Methodist Church of India and Nightingales Medical Trust, its inauguration ceremony witnessed the august presence of Justice N. Santhosh Hegde, Former Solicitor General and Lokayukta, Shri N.A. Harris, member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly – Shanthinagar Constituency and Bishop N.L Karkare, Bishop of the Bangalore Regional Conference of Methodist Church of India.

According to statistics, Bangalore is currently home to 10 Lakh senior citizens, 50 per cent of whom are financially displaced and have no one to support them during old age. While most elderly destitute men still find hope at shelter homes spread across the city, it’s the women who find little or no comfort at these shelter homes due to their deplorable condition.

Justice N. Santhosh Hegde who inaugurated the facility and shared his experience as Lokayukta stated, “Sandhya Suraksha is very well-equipped and whosoever is brought here will find solace in their last few years.” He added, “When I retired, I wondered what I could do to serve poor and needy people around me but I soon realized that due to my age, I can’t do much. It’s the youth that can help… no matter what you do, seek contentment… earn money, pay your taxes but do something fulfilling with your life and help those who need it.”

Mr. Premkumar Raja, Co-founder Nightingales Medical Trust addressed the audience requesting them to make more and more people aware of destitute homes such as Sandhya Suraksha so that elderly people in need of care and attention can be given comfort during their last few years. He stated, “In a day, about 1000 senior citizens are benefitted from the services of Nightingales Medical Trust across the city and it’s our vision to rehabilitate more and more elderly destitute so that they don’t have to live and eat on the streets.”

Sandhya Suraksha, equipped with 70 beds will comprise of three sections - one for elderly women who are in a healthy state, those who need immediate medical attention; and lastly those with cognitive impairment. Those who are physically and mentally sound will get opportunities to engage in vocational activities such as tailoring, gardening, paper craft and candle making etc.