With the rapidly increasing ageing population, the need for affordable healthcare and demand for well-trained workforce of doctors, psychologists, social workers and caregivers also increases.

The world today needs caring and compassionate people who are ready to dedicate their lives to the service of others. Care giving is a growing sector with enormous opportunities. Nuclear family systems, hectic job of balancing work and personal life and modernization has made caring for elders a challenging task. This opens up space for the youth, willing to dedicate their life and services to others, to opt for a career in geriatric care. Especially those who wish to be trained and acquire special skills for handling people who have a long terms illnesses such as dementia. Such caregivers or social workers, once well-trained can find opportunities to work with eldercare institutions or provide home care.

Nightingales Medical Trust with its well-equipped training department has been providing quality training and education in the field of dementia and eldercare for years now. The training programme makes use of traditional training methods along with technical advancements to serve the right purpose and move along with changing times.



  • Dementia Training – Hands on training to different categories of dementia caregivers.
  • Geriatric Care Training – Concrete training on basic geriatric and personal care.
  • Regional Resource and Training Centre - training and capacity building for effective delivery of age care services by the NGO


Additionally, the trust also offers training in:

  • Nightingales Lifesaving Services - training confident lifesavers to save lives during emergencies.
  • Computer Training – Empowering elders through computer and soft skills training.