Computer Training

The world today has moved towards a digital age. In these times all transactions in our lives right from banking, taxation, travel booking to personal interactions like emailing, Skype etc. expect a person to have basic knowledge and understanding of computers. But how much can our elders cope up to this change?


A person today becomes socially incompetent if he or she doesn’t have working knowledge of computers. For the younger generation, computer skills are part of their school education or learnt by practice. But many senior citizens who did not get an opportunity to learn computers feel inadequate, confused and isolated in a world that takes this knowledge for granted.

Training in computers is necessary for senior citizens as it helps them in taking care of their day to day interactions and activities. Learning new skills at an older age is challenging, but at the same time it is empowering and boosts the confidence level of the seniors.


Nightingales Jobs 60+, an initiative of NMT provides computer training for senior citizens in Bangalore. The computer training provided here aims to facilitate opportunity for elders to gain computer knowledge and help them in kick starting their second innings as an employed professional.

Trainers with excellent academic background as well as teaching experience train senior citizens. The training program that includes both theory and practical sessions are taught at a pace that elders are comfortable with and in a way that allows them to learn easily. 

On completion of the training, elders who are interest to be re-employed are helped connected to prospective employers through an annual job fair or the Nightingales Jobs60+ job portal.



  • Computer training - includes fundamentals of computers, parts of computers, MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point
  • Internet training - Browsing and Emailing
  • Soft skills training
  • Specific job oriented training – Tally ERP 4 and Tally ERP 9