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NMT's Empowerment Programs for Elderly

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With the advancement in medical science, the life expectancy of people has increased, but the retirement age still stands at 60. Upon attaining the age of 60 years, irrespective of whether the person wishes to continue working or is capable of working, he/she has to begin a new phase of life, with no regular source of income, 

Unlike in developed countries, where social security systems take care of the retired elderly, the resources in India are very limited. In India, only 10 per cent of retired employees get some form of pension and the other 90 per cent are forced to survive on their savings which often get exhausted within a few years of retirement. Thus, post-retirement, elders often end up depending on their children or other family members for financial help.

There is also a need to provide dependable information on legal issues, medical conditions, schemes and services available for the elderly in India. If such information is made available, it would empower elders to live a life of dignity without depending on their children and on other sources of information. 

NMT's livelihood enhancement programs aim to provide verified information for Seniors while also assisting them in restarting their careers. 

NMT Impact in Empowering Elders through Job Fairs

Impact of NMT's work to
Empower Seniors


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Elders at our Jobs60+ Centre being trained

1. Jobs 60+

India Elder Connect

2. NMT ElderConnect

1. Jobs 60+

Nightingales Jobs 60+ was established to provide a financially independent life for healthy and employable retired elders by enabling them to re-enter the job market or become self-employed.

A well-appointed Job Portal allows elderly job seekers to connect directly to employers. This program enables non-pensioned elderly to maintain their livelihood through being independent and have a life of dignity.

Jobs 60+ Livelihood Program for Seniors

2. NMT ElderConnect

NMT Elder Connect is a comprehensive website for the elderly in India. This age care website provides a platform for elders to network, connect and stay active by relearning and asking questions, sharing their opinions and guiding each other, finding solutions to new concerns and eventually building interactive communities. The website also looks at providing families and carers with resources to understand and meet senior citizens’ caregiving needs. 

India Elder Connect

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