We have been able to touch many lives over the years. 
Read about some of these here.

Best care for my mother...
We were skeptical at first when we decided to bring our mother to Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer’s but as soon as my sister and I stepped into the institution and talked to the doctors, we felt assured that this was the right place. We finally had someone who could explain to us the nature of the disease, provide the medicines that will help soothe my mother, and provide individual care without having to impose on her space and freedom. Setting a routine in an expanded, yet controlled environment, we found, was critical. As the months went by, we felt her grow calmer, more relaxed and more vocal. Only at NCAA, were we able to understand the unique problems that came with dementia and we finally felt that she was able to get the help that she required. My mother has been here for over 7 years now. Even though her physical faculties have reduced considerably, we are very sure that the best place that she could be taken care of is in NCAA. And we are grateful every day to all of the staff who take such loving care of my mother.
Vanaja Nair - Daughter of one of our residents at Nightingales Centre for Ageing & Alzheimer’s

Excellent quality of care...
My mother is a long term resident of ETCM - Nightingles Dementia Care Centre at Kolar for the last 3 years. I am very happy with the level and quality of care that is provided to my mother. The carers are well-trained and are caring and deligent. Nurses are very attentive to all the needs of the patients. The incharge is knowledgeable and proactive in managing patients' needs and services. She manages the facility efficiently providing a very supportive and caring environment.
Ruma Ray - Daughter of one of our residents at ETCM – Nightingales Dementia Care Centre

Drastic change in mother's health
My mother has greatly benefitted from the program conducted by the Red Cross - Nightingales Trust Dementia Care Centre. She is involved in many creative activities on a daily basis like drawing, puzzle solving, cooking and Physiotherapy at the Centre. I have seen a drastic change in her health and activity since she has been enrolled. She seems to be mentally happier, and physically active. She truly has a great time with the volunteers and staff there. I would like to thank the team for this wonderful improvement in my mother’s life.
Nizar Ali - Son of Mrs Habeeba Begum, a member of the Dementia Day Care Centre at Hyderabad

Great place for my mother...
We were worried to leave our aged mother alone at home when we had to go out for work. After a long search NMT seemed to be the best place in terms of facility and care. So having trusted we have placed her in these safe hands. We are now at peace. They keep her busy with activities so that she doesn’t feel left alone. The care shown towards her is very heart warming. It’s amazing to see how she’s become calm and more alert and is getting more involved in daily activities like reading newspaper and helping us in folding the clothes. We are immensely grateful for the staff for taking care of my mother so patiently and keeping her in safe hands...
Rangini - Daughter of Kalavathi, member of our Day Care Centre

We are at peace…
My aunt is a changed person after she started coming to Nightingales Trust Dementia Day Care Centre. She looks forward to going to the Centre everyday. NMT has been a blessing too for us, her caregivers. While we are at work we are at peace knowing that she is safe and sound under your care. We are truly thankful and grateful for the wonderful effort each one of you is putting in, for making the lives of dementia patients more meaningful and in turn helping the caregivers breathe easier. A big thank you.
Family carers of Mrs. Shambhavi, one of our Day Care Members

Father looks forward to the Centre...
About 8 years, we noticed a change in my father. My mother was the first to point it out. He sometimes wasn’t sure where he was and he forgot things. He being the head of the family and independent we relied on him for everything. It was very difficult for him and all of us to accept his condition His doctor referred us to your organization. At the beginning stage he was very reluctant to come to the Centre but as the days went by he enjoys doing activities and physiotherapy that you provide. He enjoys interacting with people and doing group activities. He even teaches the staff or other residents in the organization about Pranic healing. He is always happy and cheerful when he comes to the Centre. My father’s doctor was particular that he goes for walks. He is given sufficient exercise at the Centre. It is much safer than going for walks on the streets. We are very grateful that you provide caring transportation and we don’t have to worry about his safety. I hope you continue to help him and other patients in the best possible way.
Son of one of the members of our Centre

Impressed by the care...
I am impressed by Nightingales Medical Trust in their professionalism and in understanding the specific needs of my father. My father is taken care with love and affection.Every time he comes back home he is very happy and looks forward to go to the Centre again. We see how he enjoys doing the activities in the center and has started writing again. I am very happy with the service Nightingales Medical Trust is providing and the staff here are always co-operative. Keep up the good work
Son of one of our members 

I feel young again...
I was introduced to NBCAA in 2014 by my son and since then, I have been an active member of the Active Ageing program organized here. Before NBCAA, most of my time was spent at home either sitting idle or helping with same old routine work. Now, my day begins with yoga, chair-based exercises and gym workouts often followed by cognitive exercises like playing Sudoku, solving quiz and puzzles. On special days, there are movie and park outings to keep me engaged. I feel young again and have something to look forward to each day. Centers like these are a great way to keep oneself engaged and active post sixty.
Satya Chari - Regular member at the Nightingales Trust – Bagchi Centre for Active Ageing

Enhanced my physical and social life...
I have been associated with NBCAA since its inception in November 2014. Later, my wife joined in January 2015. This program has helped us a great deal. I am able to manage my lower back pain without any medication. The quality of my sleep has improved significantly. My wife, a diabetic with hypertension and hypothyroidism is able to manage her condition well. Our interaction with other members and participation in social, cultural and fun activities here has brought cohesion and comradeship amongst the group and thus enhanced our social life.
CV Sastry - Regular member at the Nightingales Trust – Bagchi Centre for Active Ageing

A sense of belonging...
Back then in 1998, we were new to Bangalore – Malleshwaram area and NEEC gave us an opportunity to meet like-minded people. Over the years, our bond strengthened and today, we are a family. Even at 83, I am actively involved in the activities of the Centre including Yoga. I feel a sense of belonging here. After interacting with the members, I get back home refreshed. I wish there were more such centres around the city so that senior citizens who are alone in the city are benefitted.
Shalini Bhogle - Member of the Nightingales Elders Enrichment Centre, Malleshwaram

Integral part of my life...
Elders Enrichment Centre has become an integral part of my life. I go there to meet friends. Spiritual, intellectual, emotional, literary or musical – no matter what your interest or need is – the centre has something to offer that will enrich you. Getting an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful, unique extended family is a retirement gift for me.
Gunnu Talgery - Member of the Nightingales Elders Enrichment Centre, Malleshwaram

Therapeutic refreshment for mind and body....
Elders Enrichment Centre provides theraputic refreshment for both mind and body. "See you at the center tomorrow" resonates after every programme. Going to the center and meeting up with friends has become an addiction for most of us.the happy chatter, giggling like teenagers, pulling one another's leg, forgetting all aches and pains and carrying on with our lives is what the members experience at NEEC.
Chitra Kamath - Member at the Nightingales Elders Enrichment Centre, Malleshwaram

Long Live Our NEEC!....
Our Nightingales Elders' Enrichment Center is a boon to elders in and around Malleswaram, Bangalore. It's our fortune that the founder members, an intellectual lot, shaped it as a multifaceted one to suit the requirements of all elders. It's not just a center of recreation, but has made us more self reliant, healthy, compassionate and above all, more confident to lead our lives in a dignified manner. It's also a learning center, where yoga, dance, craft, exercises, local and foreign languages, operating computers and smart phones and many other such skills necessary for the present day world are taught in a friendly way! The empathy that is felt here is of immense value for any senior citizen !
Vasantha Murthy - Member at the Nightingales Elders Enrichment Centre, Malleshwaram

Changed my life....
My association with NEEC has changed my life totally, I don’t have enough adjectives to qualify and pronounce the real gratification that this association has given me. The companionship that I get from other members of the centre cannot be expressed in words. It beats the loneliness that I would suffer otherwise and comforts me totally. It has given me very finest friends that I may have missed otherwise. The type of programs that NEEC conducts is not only entertaining but educative and sensible. They never miss an important occasion – be it a national significant day or a festive day, to conduct meaningful events to include every member. We have been having enjoyable, entertaining trips to many places and cinemas. Such activities make us forget our age and focus positive aspects of life.
Jayalakshmi R - Member at the Nightingales Elders Enrichment Centre, Malleshwaram

An oasis in my desert......
10 years back, I moved to Bangalore, after the demise of my husband. I did not kbow what I was going to do with myself, but could not stay where my husband had spent his last days. I heard of this Centre, where lot of Senior Citizens spend their time together. I joined it thinking I can do some service to those who are in need of help. What surprised me is a whole lot of seniors in age but very young at heart. No one came with any expectations, but they got what they wanted without even asking for it. People had chats and quizes, picnics and temple visits, movies and lunches together, celebrating women's day and men's day. I was surprised, was not prepared for this oasis in my desert. We all seem to be growing younger by the day. Talks by Drs, music performances, lectures, videos of exotic places where the members have travelled, cognitive games, birthday parties.......the list is endless. Besides many volunteers, we have 3 dedicated young ladies who make sure that this little haven runs smoothly without any snags.
Nalini Jaganathan - Member at the Nightingales Elders Enrichment Centre, Malleshwaram

13 years of enriching experience....
Needless to say,it has been an enriching experience, not just in terms of informative talks. I have made so many friends and over the years, our friendship has strengthened. Our Nightingales family has been family away from our family, so to say, as most of us are living alone . Most of us are actively involved in everything, whether it is in arranging for guest speakers who can give us interesting and informative talks or acts for our Annual day. Quiz programmes are for stimulating our brains, Chitrahaar sessions have us all tapping our feet or humming along, birthday parties with a round of housie are so enjoyable. Suffice it is to say that joining our Enrichment Centre is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.
Rashmi Bhandarkar Member at the Nightingales Elders Enrichment Centre, Malleshwaram

I am happy here…
Being a heart patient, I was completely dependent on others. After coming to SandhyaKirana eight years ago, and interacting with the people here, I am feeling better. Now, I am active with income- generating activities. I am happy here.
Anant Murthy – A member of the Sandhya Kirana at Shanthinagar

Feel blessed to come here...
I remember how people used to scold us and ask us to leave when we talked about day care centers for elders. It was an odd concept for people to understand back then in 2004. Now, there are so many people like me using the facility to live happily. We used to get wax from the church and learnt to make candles so that we could earn some money by selling them. Slowly, more activities were introduced. I feel blessed to have a place like Sandhya Kirana at this age.
Antoniamma – A member of the Sandhya Kirana at Shanthinagar

A soothing place...
My mood used to be off most of the time before I came to this place. My son-in-law expired sometime back and I am very disturbed by it. In this center, I am taken care of very well and being here helps me forget my worries. Ms. Merciline treats me like her own child and provides the support that I need. I do not miss a single day coming here because I find it soothing here.
Anuradha – A member of the Sandhya Kirana at Kothanur

My health has improved...
I was feeling very ill before I came in here. After I came here, my illness seems to have disappeared. I love the social interactions I have over here. I feel light at heart every time I am here. My family has noticed significant health improvements after I joined the center. I was diagnosed with high blood sugar when I joined the center and I have been given medication accordingly.
Nagamma – A member of the Sandhya Kirana at Kothanur

Not lonely anymore...
All my sons and daughters-in-law go to work and I felt very lonely at home. There was no one to take care of my needs at home and I was dejected. I also slipped hurt my knee which added to the trouble. At the center, I am very happy to be with like-minded people; I love talking to them. I thank God everyday for bringing me here. My son is also very happy to see me improve from a physical and mental perspective. He feels that I am more fit and active after joining the center and is very happy to see the improvement in me.
Shanthamma – A member of the Sandhya Kirana at Kothanur

I feel empowered...
I was informed about this place by a close relative. I first thought that this was a school and did not want to come here. But when I saw this place I fell in love with it. I feel so happy that I gets paid for the work I do. I have never stepped out of the house for earning an income until now and I feel so empowered to get paid for the work I does. I love working here and interacting with other people here. My daughter used to feel sad about me being aloof and lonely all the time. Now, she feels happy to see a ‘Happy Rosaline’. It feels like a big family here.
Rosaline – A member of the Sandhya Kirana at Kothanur 

Secured a job through NMT
I have studied upto 10th Standard and worked as a clerk cum supervisor at a Govt. Hospital. I am single and my aged parents are dependent on me. After retirement I needed to continue working to support myself and my aged parents. For sometime I struggled to find a job. When I came to know about Nightingales Jobs 60+, I immediately registered for a job and also for training in computer skills to improve my job prospects. After completing computer training successfully, I was selected as a marketing executive for a private company. I am grateful to Nightingales Jobs 60+ for helping me gain confidence through computer training and for helping me find a suitable job.
Laxmi Hegde - Aged 61 years is a student of the 16th batch of computer training at Nightingales Jobs 60+

Joined NMT itself
I got to know about Nightingales Jobs 60+ through the website. After I registered myself on the portal it took me two weeks to the get a job. One important thing is all the services are free cost, I have joined the Head Office of Nightingales Medical Trust with a decent salary I am very happy with my work it’s a great opportunity for senior citizens like me.
Varadharajan – Now a staff of NMT

New life for my family...
I am basically an engineer with 31 years experience. During 2009, I retired from the services and received a good compensation. However the retirement compensation was all spent on elder daughter’s marriage and educating and enrolling my other daughter for MBA. Life had worsened, was struggling to meet the daily needs of my family. I was desperate to find a job and as a boon from God, I saw a banner about Nightingales Jobs 60+. I got myself registered for computer and soft-skills training. Soon after my graduation, I got a placement has a warden in a college near to my house. Now I can meet the basic needs of my family and lead a quality life. I’m very happy about the services your organization is providing; I once again thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truly grateful to Nightingales.
P Vishwanathan - Secured a job through Nightingales Jobs 60+

Made me independent...
I am a 70+ senior citizen, interested to keep pace with modern technology, but could not do so. Every time, When I go to druggist or bus / railway reservation they ask me to swipe the card which I am not aware of, I joined the computer and smartphone training courses at NMT. Here I learnt from basic skills of computers to social media. I used this opportunity to learn smartphones and am now independent. I tried to learn in different institution but in vain. Nobody is ready to guide senior citizens in this world. Thanks that NEF is ready to help all of us with zeal. Avail this and keep pace with the world of modern technology.
Swamini Bharati - Learnt smartphones and basic computers at NEF 

Positive work environment...
When I joined as a caregiver, I did not know much about the job. Even during the training I was not sure whether I would be able to do this. After working at ETCM - NDCC unit for two years, I can say that this is the most satisfying job. I can help give patients here the respect and care they deserve. I enjoy seeing their faces when they achieve something new or do something that they didn’t think they would ever do again. Now I am their family. It makes a real difference in my day to know the simplest things can mean so much for people with dementia. The work environment is positive and motivating. Though many times handling the clients with difficult behaviour is not easy, I look forward to each working day for the different challenges I know it will bring. This is truly a wonderful experience.
Shobamma - Caregiver

A sense of satisfaction...
When I joined Nightingales Medical Trust in 2002, I was involved in a lot of field work. There were very few of us then and now it makes me so happy to see NMT grow into such a big family. The job has been more than satisfying. NEEC is like a family. The friendly atmosphere and the respect I have earned here has encouraged me to continue with my job. I feel I am doing a constructive job by looking after the elders and get a sense of satisfaction at the end of my day’s work. This has also encouraged me to take up extra responsibilities at the Centre.
Sowbhagya - Nursing Aide

Great learning experience...
You step into NBCAA and you find yourself in a better world. A world filled with love, compassion, innocence and care. The center is very organized, the staff are very kind and professional. In the active aging one gets to meet people with plethora of experience in life. The people with dementia are taken care very well which is highly appreciable. The methods used in the sessions are scientifically proven. As an intern, it was a great learning experience in many aspects (both academics & life) and I am thankful for the same.
Manoj DA - Was intern at the JP Nagar Centre. From the MBA dept of the Christ Institute of Management

A fresh outlook to life...

I am extremely glad to have interned at a place that serves the aged and aims at enhancing their well-being. My experience at NMT gave me a new perspective and direction for my future. We had the fortune to interact with the residents one on one, be a part of their activities, consult the experts, seek guidance from supervisors, conduct workshops and to learn to take assessments and case histories. The best experience, however, was my bonding with the residents. NMT has helped me have a fresh outlook in my life; it has taught me to empathize with people, identify my strengths and weaknesses and has been a beautiful experience to cherish forever. I am more than happy to have been a part of NMT.
Pallavi Roy - Was intern at the Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer's

Great place to Intern
I am studying at the Ramaiah Institute of Business Studies. I did my Internship for 21 days at Nightingales Jobs 60+. The work I did here included finding jobs for senior citizens, giving them different opportunities in the job field and also helping out in making videos for promotional activities. My experience here was great since we had a chance to help people looking for jobs and to see a smile on their face. The staff were supportive and guided us during the internship and were also very friendly and kind. It was a new experience working here in this organization. Thank you Nightingale Empowerment Foundation.
Jithin Santhosh - Joined Nightingales Jobs 60+ as intern for 3 weeks

Changed my life...
Though I had never been to Sandhya Surkasha before, I choose to do my internship here as it had a very positive reputation. Working at SS has changed my life on a personal and professional level. Taking care of these elders is not easy, but seeing the staff handle the challenging tasks efforlessly is truly motivating. Many of the elders have had traumatic experiences which are unimaginable, but the Centre gives them a comfortable and warm atmosphere and gives them a home, a sense of community and brings them so much joy. I hope to be able to contribute in the future as well.
Aftab Shabhnam - Was intern at Nightingales Jobs 60+ 

NMT sets trends in Age Care...
NMT invited me to volunteer at their Malleswaram Elders Enrichment Centre when it was set up in 1999. The enrichment centre concept was new and so was the emphasis on attracting volunteers. NMT has always been ahead of its time, identifying emerging needs in eldercare, especially in the economically weaker sections, designing and implementing solutions. These go on to become models for emulation thanks to NMT's exemplary social commitment, innovative spirit and high standards of integrity. My association with NMT gives me hope that we can become a truly empathetic and compassionate society.
Kala Sundar - Volunteer at the Nightingales Elders Enrichment Centre, Malleshwaram

A warm home for elders...
I have been visitng Sandhya Suraksha over the last few months and I find myself coming back regularly. The residents, all of who come extremely disturbed backgrounds, are very well cared for by the dedicated staff. From medical attention to emotional support, from recuperation to rehabilitation, no stone is left unturned to ensure the highest standard of attention and care to each and every individual. The staff go beyond 'just another job' to really looking after the residents as family. Despite the troubles that each resident has overcome, they live together as happy friends and family. Most importantly the facilities are impeccably clean and hygenic. I am grateful for having been welcomed into the Sandhya Suraksha family and look forward to participating more wholeheartedly in my personal capacity in their beautiful endeavour.
Mahita Nagaraj - Volunteered at Sandhya Suraksha

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